About Us

ALS is your reliable logistics organiser. Our transportation and shipping company is your best choice for shipping temperature-sensitive and standard goods, for goods storage, marking and delivery to end-customers.


Our specialists will take care of your cargo at all stages of transportation – from loading in the country of shipment to delivery to an end-customer's warehouse. We ensure highly reliable shipment and handling both of temperature-sensitive and standard goods.


You will have full control over the shipping process. We monitor every stage of your cargo transportation.


We focus on building long-term partnerships and want our partners to succeed.  We offer flexible pricing to our regular customers.  Our company carries out transportation and customs clearance of groupage loads, general loads as well as loads requiring phytosanitary and veterinary certification as well as temperature control.

Our competitive advantages

We offer the following competitive advantages for transporting temperature-sensitive loads:

  • Low transportation cost per one kilo of cargo as compared to air freight;
  • Choice of border options for goods import to Russia (in terms of available permits) and choice of a customs office for customs clearance of the goods;        
  • Possibility to combine loads requiring different temperature regimes from multiple suppliers (up to 30 manufacturers) in one vehicle;
  • We speak four European languages and can communicate to your  supplier the need for thorough shipping document preparation depending on shipment terms;
  • We have an in-depth knowledge of procedures for customs, sanitary and epidemiological clearance of goods in the EU;
  • We can sort out, grade and label your cargo at our free warehouses in the Baltic countries and in the EU;

  • Together with you, we will check all documents before a vehicle crosses the border and enters a customs terminal;

  • We provide consignment customs clearance and certification services in the Russian Federation.



Modern trucks, trailers, road trains and many other.


You will be unwilling to look for better prices on the logistics market.


Our goal is to provide professional cargo transportation support to our clients, adding value to the entire supply chain and helping our clients to progress and succeed on mutually beneficial terms.

At your request, we will provide a full range of logistics services, ensuring control over your costs and uninterrupted deliveries. By choosing our company, you choose a long-term partner that will be working for the success of your business.

  • Cargo safety
  • Reliability and security
  • Mobility
  • Temperature control
  • Management
  • Economic practicality


Your services are often a source of inspiration. They make our life and solving complex issues easier.

Vestnik Logista

Your services really save up to 80% of our time and free up additional time for performing our duties.

Russkaya Tamozhya

Your company has a clear understanding of today’s requirements. This is what fuels your commitment. You have an insight into how current logistics work and how to make a client happy. This is why you win.

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