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Set up in 2009 in Moscow by an experienced team of professionals, Altera Logistic Services (ALS) is a fast-growing logistics company implementing European best practices in handling and consolidating complex temperature-sensitive loads in Russia.

We offer a wide range of motor vehicles to suit any needs and budget requirements.

We provide best-in-class customer service.

By delivering best value solutions, we forge mutually beneficial partnerships.

About Us

  • We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise to improve efficiency and effectiveness of our clients’ transportation and logistics operations
  • We do not specialise in routine and monotonous movement of goods.
  • Every client is unique. We offer highly customised solutions to ensure that they fully meet your expectations.

Our company focuses on doing business in Russia

  • Full loads of diverse truck fleet (refrigerator and tarpaulin semi-trailers) of various carrying capacity from Europe to Russia and CIS.
  • Groupage loads of temperature-sensitive, bulk and high-value goods. Turnkey solutions, including customs clearance both in Europe and in Russia, certification and distribution.
  • Project transportation: Perishable goods, equipment.


We value our partners and regard our business partnerships as an effective tool to unlock numerous opportunities for all parties involved.


Learn more about our area of expertise to get to know us better


We ensure daily loading in Europe (including Switzerland and Norway) and motor vehicle provision at short notice.


We offer a choice of transportation routes to meet your specific requirements.


We ferry limited quantities of hazardous goods. 


The existing arrangements guarantee two weekly shipments from our warehouse in the Baltic countries where we amass goods supplied from all across Europe, irrespective of temperature and other specific requirements.


Apart from food produce, our refrigerators transport plants, medicines and medical products, cosmetics and luxury clothing.


Freight transit time varies from five to ten days for routes across the Baltic countries and Belarus.


Our tarpaulin trailers of various carrying capacity transport manufactured goods, clothes and food products that do not require temperature control.


We offer a full range of transportation services including documentary support and customs clearance of manufacturing equipment imported both under contracts and as a contribution to a company’s charter capital.


Under the Technical regulations of the Eurasian Customs Union, goods imported into Russia should be marked with the EAC sign prior to filing a customs declaration with the customs authorities. The absence of EAC marking on imported goods is classified as an administrative offence punishable by a penalty and, potentially, by confiscation of the goods. We offer a solution to avoid penalties and cargo loss.


We are always available to help you. You can contact us in many ways. You can send us a message via our site, write an email, call us or request a call back. Choose an option that suits you.


Moscow, 21/5 Kuznetsky Most, Office 5058.



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