Groupage loads

Our area of expertise

International groupage load transportation is our proven area of expertise. We transport groupage loads from any country of the world to Russia, Belarus and Poland.

Within groupage loads, we ship all types of cargo, from 10 m2 to 40 m2, from 500 kg to 15 tons, the transportation of which by separate vehicles or containers is economically unviable.

Our choice of a partner for a groupage load shipment hinges on whether a transportation company can ship temperature-sensitive groupage loads.

A significant competitive advantage of ALS is the logistics of temperature-controlled groupage loads. We offer comprehensive services of temperature-controlled groupage load transportation.

As part of groupage consignments, we also ship high-value goods and goods with a broad range of commodity codes in accordance with the Customs Unions Commodity Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Activity.

Shipping groupage loads with ALS means:

  • Regular groupage load lines with fixed schedules and strict delivery terms
  • Door-to-door service
  • Cargo from 500 kg
  • Express delivery of small consignments by low capacity vehicles (LCV)
  • Full scope of services, including customs clearance and shipping document preparation
  • Own warehouses with a customs control zone for load consolidation in Europe (including temperature-controlled loads)
  • Shipping from Europe: We promptly collect goods from various suppliers in Europe using  motor vehicles, take them to a consolidation warehouse where we group goods in batches to be shipped to different end-consumers at the same destination by a single motor vehicle
  • Our consolidation lines handle over 10,000 tons of goods annually
  • Over 100 consolidation shuttles carrying your groupage loads leave our warehouse every month according to a pre-set schedule

ALS offers the following advantages of its own consolidation warehouse:

  • Low price for groupage load shipping due to low cost of warehousing services in the supply chain
  • Highly-skilled personnel takes responsibility for your consignments
  • Insurance coverage of all warehousing activities
  • Enhanced quality and speed of operations enabled by up-to-date IT controls and operating system
  • Packaging, re-packaging and palletizing
  • Photo and video control
  • Issuance of CEX-1, T-1, T-2 declarations, CARNET TIR documents, CMR consignment notes and other required documents

A key factor to consider is whether a transportation company delivers groupage loads to a client’s doorstep in a destination country and where customs clearance takes place.

ALS takes care of the entire scope of groupage load shipping services, including customs clearance.

It makes no difference to us whether all groupage loads are shipped by one motor vehicle to Moscow or nearby cities. Our customs specialists can register distance end-consumers at a customs office where most loads undergo customs clearance. Once a load is cleared, goods released into free circulation will be delivered to a client’s doorstep by relevant transportation means.

We have a long-term record of accomplishment of transporting GROUPAGE temperature-controlled loads. Our services:

  • Prompt provision of vehicles for loading;
  • Weekly shipments;
  • Preliminary approval of documents necessary for importing to the Russian Federation with the supplier;
  • Recommendations on packaging, goods transportation temperature control and on other terms and conditions with account of the specifics of shipped consignments and contract terms;
  • Tight shipment deadlines from 4-5 to 10-12 calendar days;
  • Prompt response to urgent queries in the course of transportation and transparency – we prefer to have all details discussed and agreed upon beforehand;
  • You can track your consignment;
  • We can help with both export and import customs clearance of goods.